“I’m sure you will do a lot” –

Presidential envoy to the Central Federal District Igor Shchegolev: “I’m sure you will succeed a lot”

Plenipotentiary Representative of the President in the Central Federal District Igor Shchegolev congratulated Pavel Malkov on taking office as Governor of the Ryazan Region. Igor Shchegolev noted that Pavel Malkov’s victory in the elections was convincing.

“The Ryazan region is a modern region with a serious industrial, construction, agricultural, energy complex and social infrastructure. The situation in the economy, despite the sanctions pressure from outside, remains stable. In the region, the agro-industrial complex and industry are effectively working and growing dynamically. The real sector as a whole has good prospects.”

One of the priorities in the work of the new governor, according to Igor Shchegolev, should be the demographic policy.

“We must evaluate our every step, new law, state programs from the point of view of the highest national priority – saving and increasing the people of Russia. This means that demographics should be under special control. In the Ryazan region, the birth rate has been declining over the past five years and in 2021 has rolled back to the level of 2003. The situation needs to be corrected by increasing the number of families with three or more children.”

Igor Shchegolev noted that the right steps in this direction could be a single standard for recognizing a family with many children, the abolition of the need criterion when paying regional materiel for the fourth and subsequent children.

“In Ryazan, the average waiting period for a land plot for large families is 16 years. Waiting loses the whole point of this stimulus.”

Also, the plenipotentiary pointed to some subsidence in the construction complex. There is work to be done in terms of creating a favorable climate for investment. This is especially true for connection to engineering networks.

Another important direction, according to Shchegolev, is healthcare. “During the period of the fight against coronavirus, there were a lot of complaints from residents. It is important to be honest about the problems here. Only then will serious work begin on them.”

Igor Shchegolev noted that Pavel Malkov had already achieved some results in several months of work in the region.

“The President supported the construction of a bridge across the Oka. The renewal of the public transport fleet has begun. Much work has been done to create a walking route in the historical center of Ryazan. But much remains to be done to make one of the oldest cities in Russia a true tourist center.”

Speaking about the elimination of forest fires, the plenipotentiary noted that now it is necessary to put the infrastructure in order and work on the mistakes.

“I am sure that you will succeed a lot,” said Igor Shchegolev. “I wish you the best of luck in your leadership role. And its inhabitants – optimism, kindness and well-being.

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