In a day, 105 military were cured of coronavirus – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The latest data on the situation with coronavirus in the army on Wednesday evening was published in a special bulletin on the website of the Russian military department.

It says that over the past day, 105 servicemen have been cured of Covid-19. The total number of representatives of the Armed Forces who, since the beginning of the pandemic, got rid of the new coronavirus infection, exceeded 46.6 thousand people in the army and navy.

In addition, after a mandatory two-week quarantine and a negative test for coronavirus, the Armed Forces removed from medical control over 160.7 thousand people who had contact with Covid-19 infected.

1,321 servicemen are now under constant medical supervision. With the help of testing, a dangerous infection was found in them. 644 soldiers with Covid-19 are in departmental hospitals. 16 cases are treated by civilian doctors. Another 661 people are isolated at home.

It is reported that two of the patients are in serious condition. In three more patients, doctors diagnosed the moderate severity of the disease. The rest of the pronounced symptoms of the disease are not.

To date, 27 people with coronavirus have been identified among military personnel, cadets and students of universities of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. In civilian personnel of the Armed Forces, a dangerous infection was found in 163 people.

The department noted that about one thousand two hundred people are now being treated in 18 multidisciplinary medical centers of the Russian Ministry of Defense, 196 of whom are civilians. “Patients receive all types of specialized care, from diagnostics to surgical treatment for the widest range of pathologies, including those affected by coronavirus infection,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

According to the department, since the beginning of the work of the multidisciplinary centers erected by the Russian Ministry of Defense in 16 regions of the country, more than 30.5 thousand patients have provided medical care there, of which more than 11.8 thousand are civilians. “All of them received the necessary treatment in inpatient conditions of medical centers, recovered and were discharged,” the bulletin said.

To date, 513,192 people have undergone scheduled revaccinations in the Armed Forces, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

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