In Altai, after the death of a teenager, parents were reminded of the dangers of vaping

In Biysk, where on the eve of a 12-year-old boy perished after using vape, they decided to strengthen control over the leisure of minors and the distribution of smoking mixtures, vapes and electronic cigarettes. At the initiative of the city administration, warnings about the dangers of psychoactive substances and smoking electronic devices were sent to all parent chats.

– We recommended that parents strengthen control over the presence of children outside the home, especially in the evening and at night, outside their circle of communication, including in social networks, spending pocket money, – noted in the education department of the city of Biysk. – In addition, we advised parents to pay attention to the psychological state of adolescents.

On January 11, in one of the houses of Biysk, relatives found two girls, 17 and 18 years old, unconscious and a 12-year-old boy who became ill after using vapes. The boy could not be saved, and his sister and her friend are now at the hospital. A criminal case was initiated for causing death by negligence.

“An adult girl was taken to the Central City Hospital, her condition was assessed by doctors as satisfactory and positive dynamics were noted against the background of treatment,” the Biysk administration emphasized. – The 17-year-old victim was hospitalized in the children’s city hospital, she is still in intensive care. But the doctors managed to stabilize the girl’s condition, and in the near future they plan to transfer her to a regular ward.

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In the Altai Territory, the sale of vapes, electronic cigarettes and e-liquids to minors was banned back in April 2019. And since July 2020, such a ban has been in effect at the federal level – the president signed a law equating vapes and hookahs to tobacco products.

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