In Evpatoria, the anniversary of the legendary landing of 1942 was celebrated with an exhibition

An exhibition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Evpatoria landing was opened in the Evpatoria Museum of Local Lore.

The chief curator of the museum, Yuri Gubanov, told “RG” that the exhibition included photographs, documents, things of the landing participants, including fragments of uniforms (waist belts, magazine pouches) found on the battlefield, and weapons, “mortal” medallions.

“Unfortunately, the state does not allow us to establish their ownership,” he explained. – Among the photos presented at the exhibition, special attention is drawn to the frame taken on October 29, 1988 during the opening of the diorama “The landing of the Evpatoria landing” within the walls of our institution. It captures the participants in the landing, who then attended the opening ceremony. Also of interest is the photograph of a member of the landing party, company commander of the Marine Corps battalion Nikolai Shevchenko. In addition, the brochure “Red Navy men in battles for their hometown”, published in the second half of 1941 in Odessa, is of particular value. Shortly before his death in January 1942 in Yevpatoria, one of the authors of this brochure, the journalist of the newspaper “Krasny Chernomorets” Nikolai Varakin presented this copy to his mother, as evidenced by the dedication. Subsequently, in 1944, after the liberation of the city, when the circumstances of the death of the Red Army soldier were established, he was posthumously awarded the Order of the Great Patriotic War, 1st degree.

The exhibition will run until the end of spring 2022.

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The tactical amphibious assault of the Red Army landed in Evpatoria on January 5, 1942 to divert the Wehrmacht forces from the besieged Sevastopol and from the Kerch Peninsula. Of the 740 soldiers, 70 survived. The rest are still listed as “missing in action” in official documents. The paratroopers who got out of the city then fought in partisan detachments.

Having eliminated the participants in the landing, the Nazis shot 3,000 people on Krasnaya Gorka in Yevpatoria (wounded paratroopers taken prisoner, as well as local residents, including the elderly, women and children).

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