In Germany, they named the real reason for opposition to Nord Stream 2: Politics: World:

The opposition to the launch of the Russian project of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline can be explained by the economic interests of the United States. The real reason in the interview Handelsblatt named head of the foreign policy committee bundestag, social democrat Michael Roth

He noted that the USA themselves want to sell their liquefied gas in Europe at high prices. “We must take this into account and ensure that Nord Stream 2 is integrated into the European energy policy strategy,” the parliamentarian said.

At the same time, Roth insists on maintaining gas transit through Ukraine. The politician also expressed the opinion that Nord Stream 2 has always been a political project.

January 12, First Under Secretary of State of the United States Wendy Sherman statedthat the launch of Nord Stream 2 threatens the energy and national security of European states. Prior to that, the deputy head of the American foreign affairs agency Victoria Nuland acknowledgedthat the US is working with Germany and The European Unionto slow down the commissioning of the gas pipeline. Washington wants the Germans to slow down the implementation of the project. The German government has “taken significant steps” to delay the launch of the project, she said.

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