In Italy, the protection of those vaccinated against infection and severe covid was assessed

People who have completed the full cycle of vaccination against coronavirus infection, as well as received an additional injection (booster), avoid COVID-19 in 68.8% of cases, and severe covid in 98% of cases.

This is stated in bulletin Italian Higher Institute of Health, which collects data on the incidence of coronavirus throughout the country. It follows from this that the level of protection vaccinated with a full course (two components) is 95% during the first 90 days after vaccination, 93% – up to 120 days and 89% – among those vaccinated more than 120 days ago.

Now in Italy, the dominant strain of coronavirus is “omicron”: more than 80% of the samples tested since the beginning of the year belonged to this variant of COVID-19, the rest – to the “delta” strain. The highest incidence rate is among people aged 20-29 years, Italians over 80 years of age are the least affected. The Higher Institute of Health explains this by the wide coverage of vaccination among the elderly.

In Russia, the “omicron” strain is just beginning to spread, according to the forecasts of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova, it will soon displace the “delta” strain, which is still dominant in the Russian Federation. Total in Russia full cycle (two components) vaccinated 76.7 million people, including more than half of the entire elderly population of the country (over 65). More than 10 million people have been revaccinated, that is, they have been re-vaccinated (analogous to a booster).

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