In Komi, deaf patients were allowed to make an appointment with doctors by SMS

In the Komi Republic, more than 30 hospitals and clinics have entered an appointment with a doctor via SMS. Deaf and hard of hearing patients can use such a communication channel, report in the regional ministry of health.

In order to be able to receive messages, medical institutions have issued special mobile numbers. Sending SMS is carried out at the rates of mobile operators.

There are 31 medical facilities in the system so far. Among them are cardio-physical and narcological dispensaries, the Syktyvkar city hospital, as well as the central hospitals of Syktyvdinsky, Sysolsky, Priluzsky, Koygorodsky, Kortekorosky, Ust-Vymsky, Udorsky districts. Several polyclinics in Syktyvkar, Ezhva and Ukhta also joined the project. It is expected that the network of institutions accepting SMS from patients with hearing impairments will expand.

Also, the Republican Ministry of Health issued recommendations for hospitals and clinics, according to which, if a deaf or hard of hearing patient comes to the registry, he should write notes or indicate information through the notes function on the phone screen. The same format of interaction is recommended for the doctors to whom such patients come to see them. If the patient was able to bring a sign language interpreter with him, then medical institutions are advised to hold an appointment out of turn.

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