In Slovakia, a scandal erupted over the trip of the Prosecutor General to the celebrations in Moscow: Politics: World:

A scandal erupted in Slovakia due to the fact that the country’s Prosecutor General Maros ilinka took part in the Moscow celebrations on the occasion of the 300th anniversary Russian prosecutors… Writes about it edition

Ilinka was criticized by the Slovak media for being the country’s only prosecutor general from European Union (EU), which took part in the holiday despite the fact that the Prosecutor General of Russia Igor Krasnov included in the EU sanctions list.

Zhilinka on his Facebook page rejected criticism for the trip to Russia and wrote that he rejects such a “black and white vision of the world.” According to him, personal contacts and communication with the heads of foreign partner bodies are necessary and useful to achieve the common goal, which is to protect the rule of law on a global scale.

Formerly Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Petr Fiala swore obscenities during a meeting of parliament. The politician did not notice that his microphone was turned on, and in an obscene form quietly stated that he *** (does not care) for the upcoming vote on a vote of confidence in the government.

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