In the center of St. Petersburg, participants in a mass brawl were hit by a car KXan 36 Daily News

On the embankment of the Fontanka River in the center of St. Petersburg there was a mass brawl, during which the participants were hit by a car. Judging by the frames of the video that appeared on social networks, one of the participants in the brawl was driving.

The incident took place at night. Two companies of young people did not share something and began to resolve the dispute with their fists.

During the conflict, one of the participants in the fight began to be kicked, he was lying in the snow. Apparently as support, the supporters of the beaten man got behind the wheel of a car and began to ram the attackers. As a result, one of the attackers broke the heads of the rear window of the car. After that, the car left, and the parties to the conflict dispersed.

The recording of the incident was published in the group “accident and state of emergency St. Petersburg” and outraged social media users, who came to the conclusion that the participants behaved extremely uncivilized.

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