In the place of detention of the pilot Yaroshenko in the United States introduced a “red” level of danger due to COVID-19

In the Danbury prison in the United States, where Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko is kept, the highest “red” level of danger was introduced due to the spread of the “omicron” strain of COVID-19, his wife Viktoria Yaroshenko said.

“The prison has a “red” level of danger. Konstantin says that there are a lot of cases of this new version of the coronavirus, ”she said in a comment to TASS.

According to the wife of the Russian, prisoners are not released from their cells and they are not provided with proper medical care.

Yaroshenko noted that earlier in the penitentiary there was a “yellow” level of danger, at which citizens in custody were allowed to receive food in the canteen. Now they bring her to the cells, walks are completely excluded.

“Thank God, I haven’t gotten sick yet, but anything can happen. Immunity in prison is undermined. In the fresh air does not happen for months, ”added the interlocutor of the publication.

Russian diplomats before urged US authorities to provide the necessary medical assistance to the pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko and other Russians held in prisons in the United States.

In September, the Southern District of New York denied the application for release Yaroshenko for health reasons.

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