Interview with the mayor: Motorists are sympathizers and not hypocrites of the ODS. We’re fixing years of chaos

A tough pre-election battle took place in Prague. Can you develop the mayorship and the campaign?

Finally, we managed to stabilize Prague in priority matters, which are the energy and refugee crises. We just won, for example, 333 million crowns from UNICEF. It was possible to launch large investment projects, i.e. the construction of the Dvorecko bridge, so we opened the reconstructed Vclavskho nmst. That’s how these things go, Prague is busy and sometimes you can find time for interviews in the framework of the campaign. But yes, during those past years there were times when someone was looking for someone.

With the end of the election, what is the motivation to start such projects? What if one of your opponents will solemnly punish that dog?

these years are some time and the preparation of those projects takes time. It is probably necessary to laugh at it. I have already noticed that it is only now, at the end of the election period, that we can see that we have done something. Yes, because those projects were not prepared from the previous ones. We were such a zero-phase coalition, we prepared things ourselves, and when you have to prepare them at the beginning of the election period, you can implement them at the end.

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