It became known about the reform of funded pensions in 2022: State Economy: Economy:

The bill on the reform of funded pensions is planned to be adopted in 2022. This became known newspaper “News” from federal and industry officials.

According to the document, the funded part of compulsory pension insurance (OPI), which has been frozen since 2014, is being transformed into non-state pension provision (NPO). In addition, the new version of incentive measures for citizens included tax deductions of 6 percent, co-financing from the state and insurance of savings up to 1.4 million rubles.

As the CEO of SberNPF noted Alexander Zaretsky, the proposed transformation will be voluntary. “Each insured person will be able to choose the option of transforming pension savings into NGOs or transfer their pension savings into insurance points in the MPI system,” he explained.

Formerly a member of the committee The State Duma on labor, social policy and veterans affairs Svetlana Bessarab named the reasons why the funded part of pensions had to be frozen. According to the deputy, the system of non-state pension funds (NPF) at that moment turned out to be imperfect, and the state was not ready for the outbreak of the war of funds.

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