IT HAPPENED TODAY: Zeman and Fiala were dismissed, a massive wave of protests erupted in the morning

President Milo Zeman voted in the Latvian municipal elections in Lny. (23rd of 2022)
| photo:
Michal Rika,

On the first day of the general and senate elections, even President Zeman had to throw his envelope into the ballot box, who cast his vote in the local Charlotte Garrigue Masarykov Basic Circle. In connection with this, Zeman declared that voters should go to the polls so that their communities are not divided by idiots. After five in the afternoon, the chairman of the ODS, Petr Fiala, threw the blanket into the ballot box and voted for the prime minister in Brno.

Massive demonstrations in the morning, starting with the death of Mahs Amnov, don’t have a day, said Josef Kraus, an expert on Rhineland politics, in an interview for If the majority of the masses do not get involved, even the middle class, these changes will not be brought about and the regime will punish the moral police as much as possible. The middle class is always a fairly important driver of any social or political changes, according to Kraus.

The United States has stated how many months it can warn Russian officials of the consequences of using nuclear weapons. Use private communication channels for this. In addition, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that he has no qualms about defending the integrity of the Russian land using all means available to Russia.

Russian Yegor Komarov, accused of murder and cannibalism, will be pardoned after fleeing to Ukraine. It was offered to Komar via Vladimir Putin, under the condition that he would stay at the front for six months. Komarov thus joined the infamous old Wagner group. A Russian delinquent was arrested and convicted last year after a stabbing fell out of his vehicle and hit a victim headless.

The writer Kateina Janouchov, known for her critical stance on anti-Semitism and Islam, was convicted of slander in the past. whether they were talking about the world’s religions, when the problem arose. According to her own words, Janouchov decided to take this incident as a novelty. The court in Uppsala decided to side with the teacher. The writer has ordered the teacher to pay a fee of over 50,000 crowns.

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