Junior Novk died in a road fall at the world championship of cyclists

German cyclist Emil Herzog won among the juniors at the World Championships in mass start.
| photo: AP

Novk followed junior Elika Kvasnikov’s fourth place and Mathias Vack’s ninth place in the under-23 age category from the aces, until the end he was in the group fighting for bronze 55 seconds behind the winner. In the finish, Tet junior from the duel with the Herzog chronometer defeated the Portuguese Antonio Morgado. Tet was Vlad van Mechelen from Belgium.

Not even two seductors were lost: Milan Kadlec reached six, Martin Brta twenty, but Teleck did not complete the seduction.

Road Cycling World Championships in Wollongong (Australia)

lead with mass start:

Junioi (135.6 km): 1. Herzog (Nem.) 3:11:07, 2. Morgado (Portug.) stejn as, 3. Van Mechelen (Belg.), …10. Novk both -55, 16. Kadlec -2:48, 25. M. Brta -7:16, Teleck (vichni R) did not finish.

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