“Just spray”: a virologist found the key to defeating diseases in the omicron strain

Live vaccines are the future of vaccinology. Confidence in this was expressed by a virologist, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Cell Proliferation Laboratory at the Institute of Molecular Biology. V.A. Engelhardt Pyotr Chumakov. As the specialist explained in an interview with Zvezda, he points out including the emergence of the omicron-strain of coronavirus… He emphasized that appropriate conclusions can be drawn based on current knowledge of virology.

“Live vaccines, in my opinion, are the future of vaccinology, because now we already know a lot about viruses, how they work, and there are techniques that make it possible to turn a pathogenic variant into a non-pathogenic one. It is possible either to manipulate genomes artificially, that is, to get into their genes and introduce some modifications, or simply conduct bioselection for a certain safe phenotype, so in this case, perhaps, nature itself created such a variant, “Chumakov said.

According to him, the advantage of such vaccines is that there is no need to vaccinate people.

“It is enough to spray such a strain somewhere, and it will simply go around the planet and displace the already existing disease-causing variants, that is, this is such an ecological way of fighting diseases, I think that this is the future of vaccinology,” added the virologist.

Currently existing information on the omicron strain suggeststhat its rapid spread can quickly displace disease-causing variants and immunize almost the entire population, the specialist believes.

“If it really turns out that this strain, this variant of the virus does not cause serious pathology, but at the same time spreads quickly, then this is indeed a natural live vaccine. Such a strain can very quickly crowd out disease-causing variants and immunize almost the entire population. Thus, stop the epidemic, ”the expert explained.

For final conclusions, it is necessary to make sure that the mutated COVID-19 does not cause significant pathologies, Chumakov summed up.

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