Kekhman announced a subsidy for the Moscow Art Theater to replenish coronavirus losses – RBK

Artistic director of the Moscow Art Theater Eduard Boyakov a few days after the appointment of Kekhman reportedthat he invited him to write a letter of resignation of his own free will, and he leaves the theater.

After the appointment of Kekhman as CEO, the Moscow Art Theater Board of Trustees announced about breaking off relations with the theater. As the reason for this decision, the chairman of the board, commercial director of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC) Igor Kudryashkin, named Boyakov’s dismissal, Kekhman’s reputation and the lack of information about the theater’s plans.

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Kekhman discovered in the Moscow Art Theater “superstructure” for squandering state funds

Vladimir Kekhman

Kehman in turn statedthat the theater is facing serious financial problems, for which he blamed the past leadership. “The last team ruined the theater. We are thinking about how to pay the advance on November 22. There is no money on the accounts to pay the team (395 people!) For November-December, ”he said in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta. He promised to make massive redundancies in the theater.

According to him words, in the theater there were many people who were needed only to squander public funds, and now its main task is “to bring the staffing table in accordance with state subsidies.”

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