Kiev allowed the introduction of the combined forces of Russia and the EU to Ukraine: Ukraine: Former USSR:

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin allowed the introduction of the united peacekeeping forces of Russia into the country and European Union (EU). He wrote about this in his Facebook-account.

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According to him, during diplomatic consultations between Moscow, USA and countries NATO certain attempts to destabilize the situation in Ukraine from within are possible, which could significantly change the alignment. So, Klimkin noted that the more chaos in Ukraine, the better for Moscow. He explained that in this situation, Moscow will allegedly be able to tell the Europeans that only it is able to put things in order.

“Modeled on Kazakhstan: with the help of the CSTO. Or Russia will even offer a joint (peacekeeping. – approx. “”) a mission with the European Union. I don’t even rule out such cynicism, ”said the ex-head Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Formerly Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky Igor Zhovkva statedthat the number of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border remained the same. “The concentration of Russian troops around the Ukrainian borders … unfortunately, has not diminished. We do not see any actions to withdraw the troops and return them to their places of permanent deployment, ”Zhovkva noted.

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