Kirillovsky district was supplied with gas in the Vologda region – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The first stage of the gasification program for the northern regions of the Vologda Oblast has been completed. Gas came to the Kirillovsky district.

At the first stage, 118 kilometers of the gas pipeline were laid from the Sheksninsky district to Kirillov, the regional government notes. The gas distribution station can handle up to 40 thousand cubic meters of gas per hour; about a thousand households have received the opportunity to supply gas.

At the same time, in the Vologda Oblast, a decision was made on additional measures to support certain categories of citizens: veterans of the Great Patriotic War, single pensioners, large families and other beneficiaries. They are compensated for part of the cost of gas distribution within their land plot and the purchase of the minimum required set of equipment.

This measure of support was used by the Lebedev family from Kirillov. The couple became the first consumers of natural gas in the city.

– We have been building a house for five years, installed an electric boiler for heating. But for the family budget it is very costly, – say Yulia and Sergey Lebedev. – With the supply of natural gas, we will be able to save money, complete repairs and move here permanently. Ahead we have a new round of life, a new house, a plot – everything is ours and next to it.

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The program for the development of gas supply and gasification of the Vologda region from 2021 to 2025 provides for investments of 22.4 billion rubles. Within its framework, 489 kilometers of gas pipelines will be laid and conditions will be created for the gasification of 51 settlements in 15 districts of the region, as well as in the Zasheksninsky district of Cherepovets. At the same time, gas will come to six districts for the first time.

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