Lavrov admitted the recognition of COVID passports of other countries after Hungary – RBC

Russia has agreed with Hungary on the mutual recognition of certificates for vaccination against coronavirus, several more countries are on the way. This was stated by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the forum “International Agenda of Russian Business”, reports “RIA News”

“[Уже началось] a movement in favor of maintaining mutual recognition not of vaccines, but of vaccination certificates without waiting for the completion of all bureaucratic, legalistic procedures – it works. Hungary made such a decision, we have a number of states on the way, ”Lavrov said.

Late July Hungary allowed Russians who have a COVID-19 vaccination certificate to come to the country. At the same time, they do not need to take a PCR test and go to mandatory quarantine. The Hungarian embassy in Moscow specified that any Russian vaccine would be suitable for entry. The diplomatic mission added that Russian citizens need to have a Schengen visa and a vaccination certificate with them.

In addition, Hungary became the first EU country to approve the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. This decision was made in January.

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Photo: Safron Golikov / Kommersant

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