“Legal train” worked in Kasimov and Kasimovsky district

“Legal train” worked in Kasimov and Kasimovsky district

September 23 in Kasimov and Kasimov district worked “Legal Train”.

The project of legal assistance to residents of the districts of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Ryazan Region, Natalia Epikhina, was launched in 2021. During the work of the “train” representatives of regional ministries, the prosecutor’s office, the investigative committee; bailiffs, the Pension Fund, as well as notaries and lawyers answer questions from citizens.

In Kasimov, six people signed up for the reception, which was held at the Center for Cultural Development. Four of those who applied for legal assistance came from Mariupol and live in a temporary stay center. Galina N. asked how she could get housing in Kasimov with a preschool child and a disabled mother. The head of the department for ensuring the activities of the Commissioner for Human Rights, Alexander Shilov, recommended that the woman first register with the city administration as those in need of housing. Then options are possible: social renting an apartment or buying with the help of a preferential mortgage.

Eva M. asked about the calculation of pensions, Yana R. about employment. Lyubov L. faced the problem of obtaining a Russian passport. The woman has a mistake in one of the documents. In the birth certificate, the patronymic is written “VladimErovna”, in others it is correct, with the letter “and”. The representative of the migration service explained that the department is working on solving this problem: a request was sent to the registry office of Ukraine a month and a half ago, but there is no answer yet. Officially, such paper can be prepared for up to three months. Lyubov Vladimirovna herself answered her own question: “We must wait.”

A resident of Kasimov, Svetlana S., specified the scheme for obtaining disability. A representative of the Ministry of Health explained the procedure to the woman and promised to look into her situation. All the data of Svetlana was recorded by acting. Larisa Petrunkina, chief physician of the Kasimovskiy MMC, since Svetlana is being treated in this institution.

There were other appeals as well. In particular, about the greening of the city, the construction of a school, the condition of monuments. All of them are recorded and for each they will give written explanations.

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