Letter to anti-Axis, reasons for leaving foreign banks. The main thing for the night – RBK

The authorities are discussing the issuance of QR codes for those who have recovered without going to the doctor, where the anti-Axis were called by the chief doctors of kovidny hospitals, an interview with the head of Raiffeisenbank about banking ecosystems and the departure of foreign players – in the RBC review

Government discusses QR codes for people with antibodies

The issue of issuing QR codes to people with antibodies to the causative agent COVID-19 is now being discussed in the government. told RBC has two sources close to the relevant departments. One of the interlocutors of RBC clarified that the government is currently “working” on this issue and the decision may be announced in the near future.

  • On the question of how the threshold level of antibodies will be determined, one of the sources recalled that earlier the head of the center named after V.I. Gamalei Alexander Gintsburg and his deputy Denis Logunov. Ginbzburg spokethat the level of antibodies of 300 Bau / ml protects against the delta-strain of the virus, Logunov called a sufficient indicator of 200-300 Bau / ml. WHO currently does not provide estimates of what level of antibodies is sufficient to protect against COVID-19.

The chief doctors of large hospitals wrote a letter to anti-Axis

Chief physicians of large coronavirus hospitals in Russia have applied with an open letter to famous people who criticized the COVID-19 vaccination and restrictive measures. They invited them to visit intensive care units, where the sick, “red zones” and morgues lie.

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