Lkai warn against drunken nets. I want to chain a group of people

Infectious disease experts want to lower the bar against opiate nets for vulnerable groups of people. According to them, those who lead a risky lifestyle, often miss their partners and have a lot of sexual contact should get the vaccine.

esko registers approx 66 ppad monkey nets

In Europe it is about 29 thousand ppad.

1 hunter in the Czech Republic with earth disease.

Source: European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)

In Western Europe, there are people who have been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease in the last year or regularly go to sexual health clinics. Individuals who take antiviral drugs against HIV infection should also be tested, said the Infectious Diseases Department of the Czech Budjovice Ale Chrdle Hospital.

According to experts, this population group is a potential source of female infection, so it is necessary to allow them to protect themselves. The shackle after an encounter with an infected person makes sense within a few days of contact, later with her, explained Milan Zlmal, head of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the University of Prague.

The Ministry does not comply with the changes

However, the Minister of Health did not intend to promote the vacation. The group where you sing the songs is shackled. For other risk groups, the benefit is not calculated, said Vlek, adding that he does not consider it meaningful and reasonable when comparing the benefits and risks.

According to Vlk, we are now a bit ahead of other European Union countries in terms of vaccination. escho received from the common european purchase of iron bars for 1400 people. The world of health organizations agrees with these experts that the wave is behind them and the decline, noted the minister.

Do not underestimate the advice of infectious disease experts. According to them, the Czech Republic should provide another type of aid, and that is the import of antiviral drugs. The product is currently neither registered nor available in the Czech Republic.

In the Czech Republic, people suffering from opium encephalitis have a mild course, but in Europe they are dead. Although the virus does not seem to be dangerous, it is the origin of the virus of real nets, and those were dangerous, explained Pavel Dlouh, the president of the Society of Infectious Diseases LS JEP.

However, the order for antivirals is not going to be ready now. According to Minister Vlk, if the import were to go ahead, it would be a blow to the European Union. According to my information, nothing of the sort is being prepared, he said.

In response to Vlk’s words, Prim Dlouh stated that the infectious disease experts will negotiate with the Ministry of Health and will try to convince it of the importance of birth control and the purchase of antivirals.

This week, Czechia reported the first death of an infected person to the European statistics. The first cases of infection appeared in the Czech Republic at the end of May. According to data from the Ministry of Health, there have been 52 cases in Prague and 14 in seven other regions. The majority of those infected were men between the ages of 15 and 49.

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