London admits a decrease in the effectiveness of vaccines due to a new strain of COVID – RBC

Coronavirus vaccines may be less effective against a new strain found in southern Africa. British Health Minister Sajid Javid warned about this, reports Reuters

“What we know for sure is that [у этого штамма] there is a significant number of mutations, probably twice as many mutations that we observed in the delta variant, ”said the minister.

Javid noted that this indicates that the new B.1.1.529 strain is more infectious, making existing COVID-19 vaccines “less effective.”

WHO scheduling emergency meeting over South African strain of COVID-19

Photo: John Moore / Getty Images

According to Ewen Birney, deputy director general of the European Laboratory for Molecular Biology, early research findings suggest that the new strain is “a serious cause for concern.” “It may turn out that this option does not pose as great a threat as [штаммы] alpha and delta, but the potential consequences of inaction that could arise are serious, ”he added, noting that early responses are more optimal than late ones.

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