Lukashenko offered the EU to pay for the export of migrants from Belarus by flights – RBK

Earlier, on November 23, the head of the Department of Citizenship and Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus Alexey Begun spokethat 118 migrants left the country who wanted to enter the EU through Belarus. He clarified that they left the country alone and on evacuation flights organized by the embassies of Iraq and Syria. November 18 Belarus by evacuation flight left about 400 more Iraqi citizens. It was organized by the Iraqi Embassy in Russia.

How asserted Press Secretary of the President of Belarus Natalia Eismont, about 7 thousand refugees still remain on the territory of Belarus, most of whom do not want to return to their homeland and require a pass to the European Union.

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According to her, when conversation with Acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel on November 15, the President of Belarus proposed to the EU to create a humanitarian corridor for 2 thousand migrants who are in a camp near the Polish border and return 5 thousand more with the assistance of Minsk. For her part, Angela Merkel had to agree with the EU on the organization of a humanitarian corridor to Germany, Eismont noted.

At the same time, the agency Reuters citing a source in the German government of Germany, they reported that Merkel did not agree to this deal. The European Commission also rejected the possibility of negotiations with Minsk.

Migrants from Syria, Iraq, Iran and Libya accumulated on the Belarusian-Polish border at the “Kuznitsa – Bruzgi” border crossing since the beginning of November, trying to get to Germany and other EU countries. Poland closed border crossing and called for reinforcements from the military. Since November 9, refugees have made more than one attempt to break through to the European Union through Poland. Later Minsk transported some of them went to the logistics center, where they provided food.

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