Mda z Mamin: It was black, Karlos was like the first republic and Lela hid adra

Mr. and Mr. Vmola

Karlos Vmola (37) worked in his club as from the First Republic. He was just as ignorant as his awareness of a musical aimed at a female audience. But you, the stupid pbh beater about moms, were interested.

Lela Vmola (33) chose simple clothes that oozed elegance, which made it tasteful given the complexity. If you have a really big adra, left at nv theaters, at weddings or on trips, it is better not to point it out.

Lela Ceterov and Karlos Vmola

Feet and to heaven

Hanka Malkov (40) showed off her flawless figure in a pair of jeans. By the way, Rov was punished as a dress code for the whole evening. I will make this achievement highly flattering and fit even in the office. Malkov seat and ankle boots, which optically shorten the leg, but in the case of the model, such concerns are in vain, her legs are in heaven.

Hana Malkov

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