Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Ryazan Region Valery Yemets summed up the results

Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Ryazan Region Valery Yemets summed up the results of five years of work

On Thursday, September 22, Valery Yemets on his page in the social network “VKontakte” published a post in which he summed up the results of a five-year service in the government of the region.

“I treat the Ryazan land and the people of Ryazan with pride and warmth. It was a great honor for me to work and communicate with you, for five years to head the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Region,” writes Valery Sergeevich.

“I have always felt the support of the staff of the ministry and its institutions, dedication, the desire not to let down and the readiness to solve the most difficult tasks … Only with such a team, its charge for results, it was possible to be the first in the country to create a new format Employment Center, to become leaders in the implementation of a system of long-term caring for the elderly and the disabled.

According to the minister, not all issues have been resolved so far. The quality of life still leaves much to be desired. However, he is confident that “the development of the region will raise this quality to a new level.”

“I cannot but say a few words about the former sanatorium Sosnovy Bor. At the end of September, repair work is completed here. The Decree of the Government of the Ryazan Region was signed on the establishment of a state autonomous institution – the Ryazan Multidisciplinary Social and Rehabilitation Center Sosnovy Bor. The Center has every reason to become the base in the Central Federal District and enter the pilot federal project,” he notes.

“The change of power is a natural and necessary process of its renewal. People with new ideas and new energy should come to each sphere. About plans for the future. I am sure that my experience will be in demand, ”Valery Yemets concludes his post.

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