Mironov said that referring to him as an anti-virus agent “is clearly at the wrong address” – RBC

The leader of the “Fair Russia” party, Sergei Mironov, said that the letter with which the chief doctors of the “covid hospitals” addressed the opponents of vaccination, regarding him and his party, was “clearly at the wrong address.” His statement published by on the party website.

“From <...> the content of the letter, it becomes obvious that about my position to them (the authors of the letter. – RBK) just absolutely nothing is known, which makes it possible to attribute this message to the genre “I have not read Pasternak, but I condemn”, – said Mironov.

The politician added that the authors of the letter had knowingly entered false information into the text, since he always considered vaccination necessary to defeat the coronavirus. Mironov added that he had been ill with COVID-19, was vaccinated and intends to undergo revaccination.

However, the leader of the SR noted, he and his colleagues oppose how the vaccination campaign is being conducted. “We insist on deliberate and voluntary vaccination, we have criticized and will continue to criticize various forms of coercion,” Mironov said.

In his opinion, vaccination should be developed by motivating people and listening to them. As an alternative to the “brutal imposition” of vaccination, politicians are offering massive free rapid testing to help identify and separate the sick from the healthy.

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