Monument to Saints Andrei Oslyaba and Alexander unveiled in Skopinsky District

Monument to Saints Andrei Oslyaba and Alexander Peresvet unveiled in Skopinsky District

On September 21, in the village of Voslebovo, Skopinsky District, a monument to Saints Andrei Oslyaba and Alexander Peresvet was unveiled. It was installed under the program to support local initiatives and timed to coincide with the 500th anniversary of the village.

The initiative to build a monument came from the head of the Voslebovsky settlement Alexander Chevagin. He was supported by the inhabitants, and many became assistants in this matter. The sculptural composition was created by Oleg Sedov. The day before, it was installed on the site opposite the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The consecration of the monument was carried out by Bishop Skopinsky and Shatsky Pitirim.

“We must not forget our history, our ancestors,” said the head of the Voslebovsky settlement, Alexander Chevagin. – Russia has stood up for its independence more than once. And history shows: only by uniting, you can defeat enemies. I am grateful to everyone who helped financially and with their deeds. We also imprinted the names of those who worked here on a stone at the foot of the monument. Let it stay forever.”

Anton Kartashov, resident of the village of Voslebovo:

“We as a family decided to support this idea. We worked on landscaping, and even my 4-year-old son Platon helped us clean up the leaves and debris. Everyone worked with great enthusiasm. I am glad that many young people have responded to the call of the local administration. And today I feel great joy and satisfaction from what we have done!”

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