More than 50 academicians asked Putin to cancel the arrest of the rector of “Shaninka” – RBK

“Claims presented to the rector can be presented to any recipient of budgetary funds in the field of science, education or culture. Once, the Russian authorities called for “to stop nightmare business”; today we fear that what is happening with Zuev and Shaninka would not become one of the links in a new “nightmare” for Russian science and higher education, “the scientists concluded.

Among the signatory academicians are the rector of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology Alexander Kuleshov, the former director of the Institute of Space Research of the USSR Academy of Sciences physicist Roald Sagdeev, the head of the Moscow Semantic School linguist Yuri Apresyan, the Max Planck Prize laureate physicist Mikhail Danilov, linguist Svetlana Tolstaya and others.

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On October 12, Zuev was detained, and the next day he was placed under house arrest. While under arrest, the rector was hospitalized with myocardial infarction and carried over heart surgery. On November 9, the Moscow City Court canceled house arrest for Zuev and chose detention as a preventive measure, he sent in a pre-trial detention center.

“Shaninka” explained the essence of the contracts for which the rector was arrested

Sergey Zuev

Zuev was charged in the case of embezzlement of 21 million rubles. the Fund for new forms of education development, but the rector of “Shaninka” did not admit his guilt. His detention is connected with the case of ex-Deputy Minister of Education and former Vice-President of Sberbank Marina Rakova about alleged embezzlement when concluding government contracts for the implementation of the Teacher of the Future project in 2019. According to the investigation, Rakova, being a deputy minister, achieved the allocation of budgetary funds for the implementation of the project to the Fund for New Forms of Education Development, which she headed. Later, the examination revealed signs of falsification of the reporting documentation. The contractor for the contracts for the implementation of the Teacher of the Future was Shaninka. Potential theft could amount to RUB 50 million.

November 25 to Zuev presented new charge of large-scale fraud. According to the investigation, he allegedly fictitiously employed people who did nothing, but received a salary. Zuev does not admit his guilt.

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