Moscow court arrested two more hackers from REvil KXan 36 Daily News

On Saturday, January 15, at 14:30, the Tverskoy Court of Moscow considered the petition of the investigation and sent Mikhail Golovachuk, suspected of illegal circulation of means of payment, into custody. 15 minutes after Golovachuk, Ruslan Khansvyarov was also arrested for two months, until March 13.

As the press secretary of the Tver Court, Ksenia Rozina, told the RG correspondent, on January 15, the court will consider the petition of the investigation against the third suspect, Artem Zayets.

On the eve of the DSP FSB of Russia informed about the defeat in Russia of a group of international hackers known as REvil. In Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Lipetsk region, 14 members of an organized criminal community were detained. The special operation began after the US intelligence agencies handed over to their Russian colleagues information about the identity of the leader of hackers in Russia.

Friday, January 14, late at night Tverskoy Court sent the first two members of the group, Roman Muromsky and Andrei Bessonov, were taken into custody.

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