Moscow will show an exhibition of Russian avant-garde, which has been forgotten for 100 years

The exhibition “Avant-garde: on a cart in the XXI century” is a reconstruction of a large-scale exhibition of avant-garde art, forgotten in the Vyatka province a hundred years ago. More than 100 works by prominent representatives of the Russian avant-garde from the collections of the Vyatka Art Museum, the State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan, Slobodskoy and Yaransky Local History Museums can be seen from February to May at the Museum of Russian Impressionism. This is a joint project of the museum with the Yeltsin Center and the Encyclopedia of the Russian Avant-garde.

The history of this exhibition began in October 1921, when the third traveling exhibition of avant-garde artists, in which the Soviet government saw the driving force for the promotion of communist ideas, was brought to the city of Sovetsk, Vyatka province (now the Kirov region). And this, by the way, is more than 300 works from Vyatka, Moscow, Petrograd and Kazan.

Kravchenko Alexey. Rainbow. 1913. Photo: courtesy of the Museum of Russian Impressionism

“The unprecedented in the number and composition of works, the review was supposed to continue in other cities of the province. A month later, the masterpieces on carts were sent to the neighboring city of Yaransk, where, due to funding problems and the beginning of the autumn thaw, they were left in the local museum and forgotten for almost 100 years. “, – say the organizers of the Moscow exhibition.

Grigoriev Nikolay. Bridge. 1918. Photo: courtesy of the Museum of Russian Impressionism

In fact, they managed to do the incredible – they were able to partially recreate all three art exhibitions in Sovetsk and show rare works from the funds of regional museums.

The exhibition, recreated 100 years later, will tell about the artistic policy of the Soviet regime in the first post-revolutionary years and about the activities of enthusiastic curators who, in a difficult time for the country, organized exhibitions of avant-garde art.

But the main thing, of course, is the newly discovered masterpieces of Russian avant-garde art of the first third of the 20th century. Viewers will be able to see the canvases of Wassily Kandinsky, Alexander Rodchenko, Nikolai Feshin, Ivan Klyun, Alexandra Exter and other masters.

Kandinsky Vasily. Watercolor No. 5. 1919. Photo: courtesy of the Museum of Russian Impressionism

Alexey Morgunov. “Composition” before restoration. Photo: courtesy of the Museum of Russian Impressionism

According to Yulia Petrova, director of the Museum of Russian Impressionism, the exhibition will showcase works by Russian avant-garde artists, whose heritage is valued throughout the world. “The curators presented this project in the regions, but finds of this level deserve to be shown in the capital,” she said.

So for the first time, the public will be presented with the restored two-sided painting “Composition” by Alexei Morgunov, for the salvation of which 983,056 rubles were collected with the help of a crowdfunding campaign on This painting, created by a colleague of Kazimir Malevich, the curators of the exhibition found in a terrible state in the collection of the Sloboda Museum of Local Lore.

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