Motorcycle of the day: Miroslav Hanu brought his girlfriend to the Vesp. red carpet in a reflective jacket!

Everyone knows the actor Miroslav Hanu as a big boy with a good heart and a bright smile. In the Lucerna cinema at the premiere of the film Indian, he was a sheep not to be seen for another reason. He had his reflective jacket on all sides, and his overall style was a bit off compared to the other guests.

Hana walked around Lucerne, where she took her suit to the premiere, completely naked. The idiot was holding his helmet in his hand.

The reason is simple, the handsome guy from Ulica and the last StarDance series is a motorist inside. He has a beautiful boa vespa, and the first time he went out, he also drank at the Indina premiere.

Miroslav Hanu brought a model to the premiere of Indina.

He even brought his girlfriend Jana, with whom he has been staying with the Christians for tens of years. They left the Vespa in front of Lucerna and set off for an exuberant movie night.

Miroslav Hanu with model Jana

Take a look at the entire photo set of Miroslav Hanu, dressed in a reflective jacket on the red carpet, in the gallery.

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