Mozilla will warn Facebook users about surveillance – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Mozilla, the developer of the Firefox browser, together with the non-profit organization The Markup, announced a new project – a study of Facebook’s tracking and data collection methods.

How reported on the Mozilla blog, users are encouraged to download the Facebook Pixel Hunt add-on, which is part of the Rally platform. This will provide an opportunity to collect information about how Facebook tracks user interaction with the content and other data that the social network collects, as well as find out with whom it is sharing it.

This information is known to be used to target advertisements, make recommendations, and distribute certain content.

Rally data exchange platform was created by Mozilla in 2021 in order to take back control over resources that hide exactly how they use user data.

“Such a tool can bring together the forces of different communities of people to gain insight into one of the most opaque parts of the Internet, which has a strong impact on our lives and society. This is a rare opportunity to lift the curtain on Facebook’s methods of tracking and collecting data,” said the leader of the Rally Product Department at Mozilla by Ted Khan.

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