Mummies with golden tongues found in ancient tombs of Egypt

Human skeletons with golden tongues – plates of gold foil – have been found in the Minya province of Egypt. The mummified remains were found in two ancient tombs excavated by a joint archaeological mission of the University of Cairo and the University of Barcelona. The tombs at the El Banas archaeological site in Upper Egypt are estimated to be around 2,500 years old. Robbers entered one of the tombs in ancient times, but some of the artifacts have survived. As a result of excavations, archaeologists have found the remains of two people with golden tongues, as well as a large sarcophagus made of limestone. The lid of the coffin surprised scientists: it is made in the shape of a female figure. This is reported by Ahram Online, citing data from the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. In a nearby tomb there was a similar sarcophagus: the lid was made in the shape of a human figure. The tomb also contained two wall niches with grave goods, including jugs and earthenware figurines, amulets and beads. Golden tongues were found in ancient Egyptian mummies before. According to mythology, golden tongues help the spirits of the dead to talk more successfully with the ruler of the afterlife, Osiris.

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