Natlie Koendov will take care of the first drama in Love Island: Picking up a boy? problem day!

Act like a woman who wouldn’t hurt me, but when it comes to love, I don’t know brother or sister! And that’s how it starts to mess around. Natlie Koendov, who fell in love with a boy who is in a relationship with a completely different woman, will take care of the first drama in Love Island. And he? We can’t take our eyes off Natlka, just like most men in reality shows. Koendov’s vem gasped. I only know two, so they probably won’t be…

ast Miss Natlia Koendov in Love Island, she surprised many girls, some criticized the fact that the crown jeweler dreamed of a part in a reality show, according to others, she was too soon shaken by the breakup with barber Laky Royal, to whom she was engaged until this summer.

Engagements are broken every day, Koendov is single and in the villa as the first ever bombshell. There were several of them gradually from the prison, but first Koendov took care of the first tip. No one would say that to an idiot.

This Natlie disarmed all the other people’s doubts with her kind and small nature. But she was a honey to both the duo and the boys, which was not so popular with the descendants. Get out, it’s going to get messy!

Make up your own mind with David and don’t hide it in any way. On the first date, on which in the kind of episodes you can watch on the Voyo platform, she invites all the men, gives him a serious priority and the non-camera captures even their intimate conversation.

The guys from Natlia are full of puffs.

This, of course, affects David’s partner Naty, who starts to make it clear that betrayal is imminent and she has to look for another partner. Just after what, when can you get Koendová?

Then ask the question whether Natlie didn’t put her ass on the men’s couch during sleep on purpose to provoke them. Every day she turned heads, and viewers agree that among the actors, the model is as beautiful as another league.

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