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Northern Alliance members reaffirm open door policy NATO and the intention to defend each other in the event of an armed conflict. About it stated alliance secretary general Jens Stoltenberg at a press conference.

According to him, the members of the alliance made it clear that they would not abandon the principles of collective protection. This also applies to the presence of NATO troops in Eastern Europe on the territory of the member countries of the bloc. “The Allies, for their part, have reaffirmed NATO’s open door policy. Each state has the right to choose its own security measures, and Russia cannot veto Ukraine’s accession to NATO, ”Stoltenberg said.

At a press conference Stoltenberg commented on the meeting between the Russian delegation and the North Atlantic Alliance during the meeting of the Russia-NATO Council. According to him, a serious and direct exchange of views took place between the parties on the situation in Ukraine and the implications for security.

Formerly Stoltenberg statedthat during the discussion between the representatives of NATO and Russia, the parties, among other things, discussed the possibility of mutual restoration of the work of their missions in Moscow and Brussels… According to him, the alliance is interested in strengthening ties at the military and civilian levels.

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