Near Novgorod, a dog breeder will pay for the restoration of the face of a girl bitten by a dog

The Novgorod Regional Court put an end to the case about who should pay for the treatment of a girl bitten by a dog. The attack on the child happened three years ago, the girl has deep scars and she will have a whole series of plastic surgeries to restore her appearance.

How informs the joint press service of the courts of the Novgorod region, the attack took place in the village of Berezovik in the summer of 2018. A six-year-old girl and her grandmother were walking down the street, suddenly a shepherd jumped out of the territory of one of the private households and rushed at the child. The first deep bite fell in the face, the girl fell, the dog began to tear her by the shoulder. They managed to drag the dog away from the child, the injured girl was hospitalized in the Okulovskaya central regional hospital.

There were no internal injuries, but the girl had deep scars on her face, the doctors warned that they would not pass on their own. There is only one way out – plastic surgery.

Some of them have already passed, the parents had to pay more than 55 thousand rubles for them, another 12 thousand were spent on the road to hospitals. But the treatment will take a long time.

The mother and father of the injured girl decided that the owners of the dog should pay for the surgery. They filed a lawsuit with the Okulovsky District Court, where they asked to recover money for treatment and moral compensation in the amount of 500 thousand rubles, because the incident traumatized their daughter not only physically, but psychologically.

The court partially agreed with the arguments of the family, he reduced the amount of moral damage to 100 thousand, and estimated the cost of treatment at 61 thousand.

True, the dog breeders did not give this money – the husband died in this family, and the widow refused to pay the bills and appealed the court decision in the Novgorod Regional Court. The woman argued that her husband had acquired a dog named “Rick” before marriage, which means that it is not a joint animal. But in the court they thought differently and came to the conclusion that, after all, a woman should be responsible for the actions of the animal. Now she has to pay 161 thousand rubles. But when the girl undergoes other operations, the family has every opportunity to sue her again and collect money for her treatment.

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