New measures against covid-19 put disabilities to the test

Elizabeth R. Rojas

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Companies and collaborators question the fate of both parties in the face of the scenario that today poses the increase in cases and infections by covid-19 in the country, due to isolation, a period that fell from 10 and 14 days to 7 days. The joint doubt: The step by step of medical disabilities.

The answer was given by Fernando Ruiz, Minister of Health and Social Protection. In the pronouncement, backed by Circular 004 of January 13, 2022, Ángel Custodio Cabrera, Minister of Labor, had to see.

The document left instructions on symptomatic and asymptomatic patients and the roles that the EPS will fulfill in the near future.

Ruiz said that the regulations will guarantee, in a uniform way, a return to work, adequate and in the best conditions so that employers can – if they need it – temporarily replace some jobs.

of the symptomatic

“All covid-19 suspects (who have a runny nose and intense headache, in combination with fever and general malaise), suspected of having a coronavirus picture with omicron, as soon as they present symptoms, must proceed to isolation for 7 continuous days to prevent contagion from other people,” Ruiz said.

According to the minister, they should be removed without the need for a diagnostic test, except for those over 60 years of age, with comorbidities; and children under 3 years of age, who are not included in the National Vaccination Plan. Those two population groups should go through the test.

Ruiz specified that in the case of those who work, it will be necessary for the doctor of the EPS to which the patient is affiliated, to find out and/or conclude if they can do work at home.

“In the event that they cannot do so, for reasons of their trade or work that they perform, the respective disability can be issued for the period of isolation without the need to resort to the test,” Ruiz said.

with the asymptomatic

Asymptomatic people, who have been in close contact with people who have been symptomatic, -warned the minister- “if they have a complete vaccination schedule (both doses or a single dose), they do not need to isolate themselves and can continue with their daily work, work and social”.

Those who do not have the complete vaccination schedule or those who have not been vaccinated, added the head of said portfolio, must proceed to isolation and seek to be tested at the EPS to verify if the diagnosis is positive.

“If it is positive, the health services can issue the respective disability, if the person cannot do work at home,” he said while learning that in this phase of the health emergency it will be the insurers who will assume the payment of said item. .

The case of Fabio Gutiérrez is brought up at this point. He suffered from coronavirus in 2021 and now has similar symptoms, so he was returned from work at the beginning of the week.

“They did not test me with the EPS. I still paid for it privately, for security and to know if I was isolated. Now I see that they would not have done it, because I already have two vaccines. In the company there is disagreement, because I went to work and They suspect my case.”

Regarding medical discharge, Minister Ruiz pointed out: “PCR or antigen testing is not required as a condition for leaving isolation or disability. Companies should not require it either so that people can return to work. They return after 7 isolation days.

of vaccination

“It is necessary to advance in the vaccination process. In this new peak that is occurring, we need to have the least number of hospitalizations and deaths possible. For this, the best strategy, apart from biosecurity measures (use of face masks, hand washing and distancing), is the vaccination with the two doses and the reinforcement”, emphasized Fernando Ruiz, Minister of Health and Social Protection; while inviting adults and children to the vaccination posts.

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