New rumors indicate that STALKER 2 could be delayed until the middle of the year

In an industry where we sometimes have to heed the old saying “where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” it’s important to keep a close eye on rumors, especially those that a game we’re patiently waiting for may delay its release. In this case, rumors suggest that STALKER 2 it could be delayed considerably, until the middle of the year.

According to information recently leaked by the user OLDboi, who made several correct information leaks in the past, the second installment of the franchise currently slated for the April 28, 2022 it could be delayed to an undetermined date in the middle of this year due to development problems.

Following what happened in previous leaks and if the information that its launch is going to be delayed is already being handled, it is very likely those responsible will pronounce on this new delay in the coming days. Given that for now, these are just rumors, let’s take them with a grain of salt and hope they are not confirmed. Meanwhile, you can review the game requirements by clicking here.

What do you think about this possible delay in STALKER 2? Do you think the rumors are true?

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