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Let's see how to name the child so that everything works out for him
Let’s see how to name the child so that everything works out for himPhoto:

We have recently collected 10 trendy and beautiful baby names whose meanings scare parents, and found out that everything is not so scary. Therefore, if you want to name your daughter Varvara, and your son Arthur, let’s discard prejudices (especially since they are very controversial), and go ahead. Today’s editorial collected names whose meaning is “luck” and “happiness”. Let’s see who’s the happiest here.


The name is of Greek origin and means “blessed”, “happy”. Pretty cute Makar sounds in diminutive versions: Makarka, Makarik, Makash, Makaresh. In ancient times, this name was very popular, but since the October Revolution of 1917, it has completely disappeared from everyday life. Only recently, with the fashion for old-fashioned names, newborns have again begun to be called Makars.


The Slavic name, which seems to speak for itself – “joyful”, “cheerful”, “happy”. Also Rada (or Radusya and Radochka) can be a shortened version of such names as Radislava, Radoslava, Radmira, Radana.


This name was first mentioned in the Bible (that was the name of the youngest son of Jacob and Rachel) and is translated as “son of my right hand” or “happy son”. In Europe and America, Benjamin will be called Benjamin or Benjamin. And in Russia at home – just Venya.


Few people know that the Greek name Euphrosyne also means “joy”, “fun”, and also “good-minded”. With this alignment, it seems that little Frosya (this is how this name sounds in a diminutive version) has every chance to grow up as an optimistic and wise girl.


Don’t think we’re wrong. Tikhon actually has nothing to do with the word “quiet”. The name came to us from Byzantium and, as they say, came from the name of the ancient Greek goddess of luck Tyukhe and, accordingly, has the meaning of “luck” or “fate”. In the days of ancient Russia, boys from ordinary families were called Tishami, but then the name became especially popular among monks.


The name is rooted in Baltic mythology, that was the name of the goddess of happiness and good luck, who patronized couples in love. In our country, girls began to be called Limes thanks to the singer from Latvia, Laima Vaikule.


A Greek name that has several translations. According to one of them, Arkady means “happiness” or “happy country”. According to others – “shepherd” and “inhabitant of Arcadia.” At the same time, in Kievan Rus, this name was given to boys with the meaning “brave”. There are also many diminutive variants of Arcadia. The most common are Arkasha, Adik, Arik, Arya, Adya and Arkadyushka.


Many in our country think that Zita is an Indian name. Which is not surprising. One has only to remember the film “Zita and Gita”, which was especially popular in Soviet times. However, according to one version, this name also has Latin roots with the meaning “happy.” In general, you can safely call your daughter Zita. Moreover, her diminutive version is incredibly touching – Zizi.


It has a Latin origin and as many as five interpretations of the meaning. But they are all incredibly good. So, according to the first version, Felix is ​​translated as “happy”, “prosperous”, “favorable”, “bringing happiness”, according to the second – “fertile”, according to the third – “blessed”, according to the fourth – “rich” and, finally, according to the fifth is “pleasant.” With such a characteristic, little Felya (or Elya) can become a very successful person.


In Russia, this name is quite rare. But in the West it is very common. Only in different countries it sounds differently: in the USA – Latisha, in Scotland – Ledicia, in Spain, Italy and France – Leticia. At the same time, historians believe that the name first appeared in the Roman epic – that was the name of the goddess of happiness and good luck. Nowadays, the most famous bearer of this name is the supermodel and actress Laetitia Casta.

How to make a child happy – experts answer

Naming a child by a name, the meaning of which is interpreted as happy or lucky, of course, is an excellent start, but still it is not a guarantee of this very happiness. Parents can also do something for their child. For example, learn and apply the three-minute rule, which everyone who has children should know.

Psychologist Alex Roitblat explained how to properly hug and listen to a child so that after three minutes he would be absolutely happy and satisfied, and so every day.

The fact is that many adults have a habit of inserting irrelevant remarks into the story of relatives, friends or colleagues. At the same time, part of the story flies in one ear and immediately flies out the other. In the rule of the first three minutes, such a skill is superfluous. Learn to actively listen to the child, delving into everything that he says, remembering the key points. By the way, you can return to them a couple of days later, recalling what you were talking about. So children understand that they are really heard, and not just assent out of politeness. The main thing is not to interrupt the child in mid-sentence, do not start arguing, proving that he is wrong.

For the first three minutes, just listen carefully: it takes boys and girls, on average, just that much time to talk about the events of the day. And after that, feel free to ask questions. Show the child the right direction so that he can correct what happened due to his fault. Or rejoice for his small victories.

Sometimes it’s enough just to join the child’s experiences and say that you, too, are sad, scared and embarrassed. And the baby blossoms, because if mom or dad also feels this way, it means that he is not alone.

Let's see how to name the child so that everything works out for him
Let’s see how to name the child so that everything works out for himPhoto:

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