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Blackpool Gazette: 100-year-old British man surprised by his longevity

A resident of the UK celebrated the 100th anniversary and was surprised at his longevity. About it informs Blackpool Gazette.

William Henry Hampson of city ​​of Blackpool, Lancashire, celebrated the milestone June 16 at the Hollins Bank Nursing Home, where he moved just a few weeks ago. During the Second World War, the man served as an air defense gunner, and after that he worked as a mechanic all his life.

Hampson said that he is genuinely perplexed about the length of his life, because he did not lead a healthy lifestyle, and was even once a real drunk. “Frankly, I have no idea how I managed to live to a hundred. I have never been the height of perfection. At one time he drank like crazy. Then he quit, of course. I didn’t do anything special, I just enjoyed life. And now it’s still on the move, ”the Briton boasted.

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The Hollins Bank administration threw a party for Hampson. Nursing home employees say that the long-liver made friends very quickly in a new place thanks to the manners of a real gentleman and a radiant smile. “I had a great birthday, everyone here is just great, and I really appreciate such attention,” Hampson said after the holiday.

Formerly 103-year-old US resident uncovered secret of active longevity. Charlie Duncan is sure that he lived so long thanks to certain physical activities.

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