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Zakhar was diagnosed with Scheuermann-Mau disease, as a result of which the boy’s spine was deformed. The disease progresses very quickly, because of this, all internal organs suffer, blood circulation is disturbed. Petersburg doctors insist on an urgent operation. But there are no more quotas. Zakhar has no time to wait for them.


Fontanka and Rusfond continue their joint project to raise funds for the treatment of seriously ill children.

Zakhar Khusnutdinov, 14 years old.

Spinal deformity.

Save the operation. The cost is 794,325 rubles.

β€œAt the age of six, my son underwent open-heart surgery – at the age of six months, doctors discovered he had a congenital heart disease, narrowing of the aorta. The operation was successful, Zakhar grew and developed along with his peers, went in for swimming.

But a year ago, during a routine examination, doctors discovered that my son had a curvature of the spine. Outwardly, it looked like a strong stoop and did not cause much discomfort. Zakhar was recommended to wear a corset, exercise therapy, and take massage courses. But, unfortunately, all this did not improve his condition – in six months the degree of curvature increased sharply, a hump formed, and severe pain began.

Kamchatka orthopedists sent us to St. Petersburg for an operation. At the Albrecht Center, doctors confirmed that the disease is progressing, the curvature in the thoracic region has critically increased and has become S-shaped – all internal organs suffer, blood circulation is disturbed. Due to a curvature in the lumbar region, the pelvis has shifted. Due to the heart surgery, Zakhar has a very high risk of complications. He urgently needs to correct the curvature of the spine. But the trouble is that the quotas for such operations in the clinic have ended, and Zakhar has no time to wait. I ask for your help! Maya Khusnutdinova, Kamchatka Territory.

Andrey Pershin, Head of the Second Pediatric Trauma and Orthopedic Department of the G.A. Albrecht (St. Petersburg):

“Zakhar has Scheuermann’s disease – Mau (hereditary disease of the musculoskeletal system, – ed.), hyperkyphosis of the thoracic spine with severe pain. Due to the heart surgery, there is a high risk of developing secondary respiratory failure and decompensation of intracardiac hemodynamics. The boy needs urgent surgery for instrumental fixation of the thoracolumbar spine with correction of kyphoscoliotic deformity.”

Contacts for assistance:

8-800-250-75-25, call within Russia is free. Charity line from MTS

tel./fax (495) 926-35-63 / 125315, Moscow, PO Box 110 /

In St. Petersburg: 8-921-424-27-12 /

Head of the Rusfond office in St. Petersburg β€” Anna Brusilova WWW.RUSFOND.RU/SPB




For those who first get acquainted with the activities of Rusfond

Rusfond (Russian Assistance Fund) is one of the largest charitable foundations in modern Russia, established in 1996 as a charitable journalistic project. Currently, there are 20 regional offices of the fund in Russia.

The mission of the foundation is to help in the treatment of seriously ill children and the disabled, to promote the development of civil society and the introduction of high medical technologies.

Over the past years, Rusfond has created a unique model of targeted journalistic fundraising. At present, the foundation systematically publishes requests for help on the pages of the Kommersant newspaper and on, as well as on the information resources of 79 regional partner media. Since 2011, the Rusfond on First television project has been developing, since 2013, regional branches of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company have become partners of the fund.

In St. Petersburg,, Delovoy Peterburg and VESTI St. Petersburg became our partners.

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