21 facets of geography: the profile shift of the Russian Geographical Society has ended in Orlyonok

In the All-Russian Children’s Center “Eaglet” the profile shift of the Russian Geographical Society “The World of Discoveries” has come to an end. 150 schoolchildren from 33 regions of the country discovered new facets of geography and related sciences for three weeks. Young geographers created an environmental passport for the camp, took part in the “Elevator to the Future” idea fair, the “Virtual Tour: Seven Wonders of Your Small Motherland” video contest, and a high-speed collection of spils maps of Russia. The “eagles” got acquainted with geographical instruments and various scientific equipment, learned a lot of new things at meetings with experts, developed physically and spiritually.

– 21 days in the famous children’s center on the Black Sea coast gave each participant the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to the fullest. So far, geography and related sciences are their favorite subjects in the school curriculum. But I think for many of them they will become a matter of life, – Ivan Chaika, head of the World of Discovery project, is sure.

Well-known scientists and travelers, specialists from the natural ornithological park in the Imeretinskaya lowland and the Sochi National Park, the Caucasian State Biosphere Reserve and the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Krasnodar Territory spoke to future geographers. Schoolchildren learned about the study of the nature of the North Caucasus from the Stavropol local historian Vasily Gaazov, about the results of the expedition “Russia” – from the outstanding traveler of Russia Konstantin Merzhoev. The organization of the route was discussed with members of the expeditionary center of the Krasnodar regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society Dmitry Gritsenko and Vladimir Nikulin, the geological structure of the region was discussed with Oksana Kritskaya, a speleologist and senior researcher at the nature department of the Felitsyn Krasnodar Historical and Archaeological Museum. During the shift, a lot of informative lectures and master classes were held with the participation of real masters of their craft.

– Young geographers have mastered the skills of survival in extreme conditions, acquired the skills of orienteering, completed the course “Geoservices for Education”. The World of Discovery program is constantly evolving. New directions appear, often at the request of the guys themselves, – said Elena Lubashevskaya, coordinator of the World of Discoveries.

The 15 most active and knowledgeable participants of the shift received the honorary title of “master geographer”. These are Arkady Menshikov, Khasan Gumerov, Maya Bulygina, Polina Demanova, Sofia Shishulina, Sofia Aboimova, Tatiana Buslaeva, Irina Rubtsova, Oleg Maidannikov, Sofia Bekmukhamedova, Maria Kutuzova, Ekaterina Kirtaeva, Avtandil Gigolov, Elena Stepanenko, Tatiana Guryanova.

– The change of the Russian Geographical Society is the best thing that happened to me. I am grateful to the guys of our detachment for their support: I learned to work in a team, I found real friends from other cities. I am grateful to all the teachers, counselors, curators, organizers, everyone who was there and experienced all these wonderful three weeks with us! I hope to visit the “World of Discovery” more than once. They really helped us to look at the world differently, to discover new horizons for ourselves, — Ekaterina Kuzema shared her impressions.

Since 2015, profile shifts “World of Discoveries” have been held in the all-Russian and international children’s centers “Artek”, “Eaglet”, “Change” and “Ocean”. This is the largest youth educational project of the Russian Geographical Society, in which more than 6 thousand children from all over Russia have already taken part. The Krasnodar Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society is organizing and holding the World of Discoveries.

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