50 houses flooded in Sochi, three children were swept into the sea

Flooding in Sochi
©Alexey Kopaygorodsky

In the Lazarevsky district of Sochi, 11 settlements have already been flooded, mainly the elements hit the village of Zubova Shchel. This was announced on Friday, June 24, by the mayor of the city Alexei Kopaygorodsky.

Now, residents of houses damaged by the elements are being helped at the scene, hot meals have been organized, damage to property is being assessed, the mayor wrote in his Telegram-channel. In the Lazarevsky district of the resort, investigators, together with rescuers, are looking for missing tourists from Stavropol, whom swept out to sea in two cars.

“Despite all the warnings, two families from the Stavropol Territory, following in transit by car, stopped for the night in an unequipped place, at the mouth of the Chemitokvadzhe River right under the flyover. A woman died. One man was rescued at sea. He is in the hospital. Two more adults and three children are listed as missing,” the mayor said.

A local emergency has been introduced in flooded areas. More than 1000 specialists, about 400 units of equipment are involved.

A storm warning for bad weather is valid in Sochi until June 24. Thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes, mudflows, wind and rising water levels in rivers are predicted at this time. Due to showers, water has already entered 50 private houses in seven settlements.

In a few hours, 85 mm of rain fell in the Lazarevsky district, according to the official Sochi administration website. Downpours also provoked the gathering of three mudflows on the federal highway A-147 between the villages of Zubova Shchel and Volkonka. There is a danger that individual tornadoes will land on land. Swimming on the beaches is prohibited.

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