6 interesting ideas for summer cottages and gardens

porch at the cottage

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to equip a summer cottage – sometimes you can decorate the space with the help of improvised materials. Experts have given some advice in this regard.

Build furniture from pallets

A stylish and budgetary set of garden furniture can be built from ordinary pallets. To do this, they should be treated with an antiseptic, primed, painted or varnished. Then the necessary furniture is assembled from the blanks. The easiest way is to make a table and a sofa out of these materials. In the garden, this style will look quite appropriate.

Plant flowers in buckets

Garden flowers can be planted not in open ground, but in pots or buckets. So you get a convenient portable flower bed. Flowers in buckets can decorate a staircase or a veranda. It will also be convenient to remove them from the scorching sun in the shade.

Make a flower bed in a cart

An old metal or wooden cart can be a good base for a country-style flower bed. You can plant a variety of plants there: from miniature succulents to small shrubs, writes the magazine “Ideas for your home”.

Make a flower rack from old boards

Old boards and pieces of former wooden furniture can be reused to build a flower rack out of them. It can be attached to the side of the barn or placed separately in the depths of the garden. Flower pots should be placed on shelves or attached directly to boards.

Use a metal shield for beds

A beautiful frame for high beds can be made from a metal shield. This design will not rot in a season and will look interesting. To avoid corrosion, it is better to use enamelled shields.

Make fabric storage bags

Cloth bags are suitable for sorting fertilizers and seeds, as well as storing work gloves. Making such bags is quite simple: you need a small piece of material and a thread with a needle.

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