A drunken teenager was driving a car sharing on Sizov became known on May 15, 2022 – Incidents – Saint-Petersburg News

Traffic police inspectors in St. Petersburg stopped a car sharing on Sizova Street, which was driven by a 17-year-old teenager in a decent degree of alcohol intoxication. Fontanka became aware of this on May 15.

The disenfranchised minor driver was detained the night before. It was found that he does not work anywhere and does not study, but is registered with the PDN. The results of the medical examination showed that the teenager drank a lot – the device recorded 0.504 mg / l.

That same night, the company’s mechanic driver wrote a statement about the theft of a Kia Rio with a Big Tithe. The young man was taken to the department, they issued protocols on driving without a license and in a state of intoxication. They were then handed over to their parents. The car, after inspection and fingerprinting, was returned to the car-sharing company. The issue of initiating a criminal case is being resolved.

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