A hot sunny day awaits Muscovites on June 24

weather heat street

On Friday, June 24, the capital region will continue to be under the influence of the anticyclone crest. Partly cloudy, sunny and hot weather is expected.

Air temperature

The thermometers in Moscow will show +24…+26°C, in the Moscow region it is expected from 22 to 27°C. At night, in the capital, the indicator will drop to +14°С, in the Moscow region – to +11°С.

Wind, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, humidity

The wind is forecast from the north and northeast. It will blow at a speed of 6–11 m/s. No precipitation is expected during the day. Relative humidity will be approximately 40%. Atmospheric pressure in the middle of the day is expected at 749 mm Hg. Art., reported on the official website of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia.

Climatic comfort and geomagnetic activity

The weather in the capital region is warm in summer, the atmospheric pressure is normal, the oxygen content in the morning is normal, and in the afternoon there is a high probability of weather hypoxia conditions forming. For healthy and weather-independent people, such external conditions are favorable and do not cause negative reactions. For weather-sensitive people with serious health problems, conditions of external hypoxia can become a stress factor and negatively affect their well-being, reports the portal “Meteonovosti”.

The weather center “Phobos” previously said that the initiative in the atmosphere of Central Russia is moving to an anticyclone of Scandinavian origin. This promises residents of Moscow and the Moscow region sunny, dry and warm weather with a temperature background slightly above the established climatic norm.

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