A large grape nursery will be created in the Crimea

A large grape nursery can be created in the Crimea

The Crimean Ministry of Agriculture reported on the current plans of the enterprise in the Saki region of the peninsula. It plans to set up production of up to 3 million grape cuttings per year.

Russian viticulturists will be able to acquire this volume by 2026 and produce about 2 million domestic seedlings per year, reports TASS on Saturday, May 14th. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the enterprise has already planted 20 hectares of elite rootstock queen cells, in the future the territory will be expanded to 30 hectares.

“This is extremely important, especially since winegrowers receive state support using domestic seedlings, and high-quality material is in great demand,” the ministry said in a statement. It is specified that the volume of production will make it possible to cover the entire need of the Crimea in the material.

The issue of the development of grape nurseries has become the most relevant against the backdrop of the implementation of the import substitution program. Previously, 95% was the import of foreign seedlings and only 5% – Russian. Against this background, the enterprises reoriented to the production of domestic grape seedlings. The regional Ministry of Agriculture in 2022 allocated 352 million rubles from the budget for these purposes.

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