A man who opened fire in an American supermarket broadcasted live: Incidents: World:

AP: man who shot supermarket customers in the US broadcasted live

Opened fire at Tops Friendly Market supermarket in buffalo (state of new yorkUSA) a man was broadcasting live through a camera attached to a helmet, transmits Associated Press (AP).

According to the police, an 18-year-old young man came to the grocery store on Jefferson Avenue in military clothes and a bulletproof vest. He opened fire on supermarket customers on Saturday, May 14. The shooting was broadcast through a camera attached to the helmet.

As a result of the incident, gunshot wounds got 13 people, 10 of them died, among them four employees of the supermarket. Authorities in the American city called the crime “racially motivated violent extremism.”

District Attorney John Flynn reportedthat the alleged perpetrator was charged with first-degree murder, which carries a life sentence.

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