A modern audio guide will tell tourists about Dixon

A modern audio guide will be created for tourists who are going to visit the northernmost village in Russia – Dikson. The collection of information for the audio guide was carried out by the winners of the school Olympiad of the Norilsk local branch of the Russian Geographical Society.

For five days, novice researchers studied the history of Dixon and visited its main monuments. Particular attention, of course, was paid to the protection of the village during the Great Patriotic War. Also, young geographers conducted interviews with indigenous people and worked in local archives.

“Our guys returned to Norilsk with a lot of knowledge and positive emotions. Now they have to process the collected material, write a script and voice stories about the houses, streets and, of course, the people of Dixon with their own voices. We have collected different stories – sad and funny, about incidents and victories, – said Anastasia Korol, head of the Norilsk local branch of the Russian Geographical Society.

92 students from 13 schools took part in the School Olympiad in Norilsk. Four winners went on a trip with the Russian Geographical Society.

This year, the Russian Geographical Society is implementing a project of expeditionary and local history direction “Local history mission”. Its goal is to identify, study and popularize objects of natural and anthropogenic origin that are of cultural, historical and social significance. Many of these attractions, for various reasons, have not been studied at all or have been studied very little. We want to introduce them into the scientific, cultural and tourist turnover.

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